Next Stage Entrepreneurs Academy

How to elevate your entrepreneurial business skills to the next stage

Now there’s an Entrepreneurs Secret Weapon that flips business failure odds in your favor.

Instead of a 2 in 3 chance of closing your business, create a 2 in 3 likelihood of business success with the business building advice, tools and training only available with the Next Stage Entrepreneurs Academy.

If you’ve started a business in the past year to 5 years, you’re going to be a statistic.

If you started your entrepreneurial venture in the past year, you’re either going to be one if five who falter, or 4 of 5 who succeed.

Long term success isn’t guaranteed however.

If you’ve kept the doors open for 3 years, you’re in the 38% who fail, or the 62% who succeed.

If you’re lucky enough to make it 5 years, you’re literally 1 in 2 who have succeeded, or 1 in 2 who have failed.

The odds continue to decline to the point where after 10 years in business, only 1 in 3 will still be operating while 2 in 3 will be back to applying for a day job.

I attribute my ability to beat the odds to having lightning fast access to business building advice, tools and training.

It’s tools and training I’ve developed and collected over the past 45+ years and 40+ entrepreneurial ventures I’ve created and operated.

It’s what has led me to create the Next Stage Entrepreneurs Academy, a vault of business building advice, tools and training that helped me build an 8 figure service business in the first part of the 21st century, and what has supported me as I built a new 6 figure coaching and training business beginning in 2017.

With this innovative membership program, you’ll have 24/7 access to the business building tools and training (beyond your subject matter expertise) that will not simply keep the doors open, but boost your ability to thrive and soar past your competitors who struggle just to pay the utility bills.

It currently offers access to twenty-four entrepreneurial training programs including:

  • Website Building Essentials
  • Marketing Your Business in Tough Times
  • The Definitive Guide To Creating the Ideal Lead Magnet
  • Simple Steps to Get More Clients
  • Cracking the Podcast Code
  • The Anatomy of Networking Skills
  • Build Your Audience With the Power of Social Media
  • How To Create Your Own Lead-Generating Assessments & Quizzes
  • ChatGPT Expertise Training Guide
  • Create a RockStar Profitable Course
  • Program - Product Launch Assets
  • Understanding Low Cost Marketing Strategies
  • Simple Steps to Creating Your Online Course
  • Create a Profitable and Fun Virtual Summit
  • The Ultimate Guide to Entrepreneurial Storytelling
  • Become An Expert Author
  • Market Your Business Book
  • On Camera Video Basics
  • Secrets to Building Your Unique Personal Brand
  • Stress-Free Wealth Building for Entrepreneurs
  • Authority Marketing Playbook
  • 5 Powerful Marketing Strategies
  • 220 Success Principles
  • ChatGPT AI Marketing Playbook Video Training Guide

If you were to buy just one of these entrepreneurial training programs, you’d spend $197 or more!

That’s more than $4750 in entrepreneurial training available right now!

More new entrepreneur training content is added every month!

If you’re seeing a plateau on the horizon for your business, you’re making sales but not generating enough customers or revenue to boost your business to the next stage . . . It’s not your fault!

What’s holding you back is not your command of your subject matter expertise . . . it’s your uncertainty of where to go to find the business building tools and training (beyond your subject matter expertise) that will not simply keep the doors open, but boost you to thrive and soar past your competitors who struggle just to pay the utility bills.

Remember that famous line from the movie Wall Street…

When trader Gordon Gecko said… ‘You’re either on the inside or the outside.’

Well, everyday solopreneurs like you and me have always been ‘on the outside’…

I’m sure you’ve noticed this too, right?

Only insiders with access to special information were able to skyrocket their business seemingly overnight

The little guy was simply left out of those scenarios.

That rigged-game ends today…

Membership in the Next Stage Entrepreneurs Academy provides you with the insider information you’d normally spend thousands of $$$ to acquire.

All for a monthly membership price that is less than the price of a large pizza at your favorite pizza joint.

The training and tools included in the Academy are available to save you time and headache.

No need to go searching the internet for answers you need to build your business.

One stop at the Academy vault and you’ve got the tools you need.

Why join the Academy now?

Good question.

The Academy is in it’s first year of development.

The price is set for those who have a vision for the future.

For Charter Members.

You’ll NEVER see this much entrepreneurial training content available at this price again.

In fact, the Charter Membership offer will disappear soon.

The membership price will increase to a market value based price as soon as we’ve filled our Charter Membership spots.

Why should you trust me?

I’ve been in your shoes.

I’ve built more than 40 entrepreneurial ventures over the past 45+ years.

My most substantial success was creating and operating a $10,000,000+ home care services business in southern California at the turn of the millennium.

I’m currently in year #7 of my Next Stage business development.

But the REAL reason you should trust me is that I’m offering a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee with Academy membership.

You can ask for your $$$ back after trying the Academy for 15 days.

Check out all of the training collateral.

Download it.

Save it to your computer.

Ask for a refund between days 16 and 30 and cancel your membership.

You’ll get every nickel back AND have over $4500 worth of entrepreneur training and tools.

There’s ZERO risk.

That’s why you should trust me.

Here’s how it works:

Simply sign up for the Next Stage Entrepreneurs Academy by clicking the “Join Now” button.

Choose either the monthly subscription or the annual subscription level.

Enter your email and payment information.

Within a few moments, the magic of the internet will grant you immediate access to the full Academy content.

Each month you’ll get an email announcement of what new content we’ve uploaded for your use.

Any time you’re not confident your tiny monthly (or annual) investment is not providing you massive value . . . you’re free to cancel your membership with no further billing.

A simple email notifying us of your request is all it takes.

No questions asked.

As long as you remain a member, your monthly (or annual) membership investment will not increase.

If you leave and come back later, you’ll pay the current membership rate in effect at that time.

Get started by entering your email and payment info in the form that pops up when you click “Join Now”.

Access the entire Next Stage Entrepreneurs Academy vault immediately.

If it doesn’t blow your socks off with the value provided (compared to the tiny $$$ investment you’ve made) just drop us an email and we’ll cancel your membership and refund 100% of your investment. (After 15 days and before 30 days of initial membership.)

What do you have to lose?

Literally 10 minutes of your time to sign up for the Academy.

You literally have nothing else to lose by signing up right now.

If you wait . . . you risk losing the opportunity to get in on the insanely cheap Charter Membership price.

You also risk the ability to flip the odds in your favor.

You won’t have access to the business building tools and training that flip the odds of business success in your favor.

Click the “Join Now” button and start elevating your business to the Next Stage.

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